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The Difference is Clear

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The Difference is Clear

We are committed to being leaders in the development of new technology so that we can always offer the best results with the greatest safety to our patients. We have continued to participate in clinical trials to expand the scope of treatment with laser vision correction, and did pioneering work that led to the development of the Intralase. We have done pioneering work on preventing eye infections and screening for conditions that cause irregular corneas “keratoconus”. We were among the first to start using the Orbscan and Pentacam elevation topographers in refractive surgery, and we have done pioneering work in the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye. We have also developed and parented the most accurate formula for calculating intraocular lens implant power when cataract surgery is required after LASIK.

Our practice consists of corneal surgeons and optometrists who have been leaders in the field of laser vision correction since 1994. From our inception, we have been dedicated to providing the highest level of safety and the best outcomes in LASIK surgery. Our practice participated in the clinical trials that led to the FDA approval of excimer lasers, and was the first to bring LASIK to the New York metropolitan area in 1995 at The New York Eye and Ear Infirmary. We begin with a meticulous pre-operative evaluation, at which time we will tell you if you are or are not a good candidate for surgery. We do not rush patients into surgery; for every patient who wears contact lenses, a determination will be made of the appropriate period for discontinuance of contact lens wear prior to surgery, ensuring that the cornea is in optimal condition. We take our time in the laser suite with each patient to produce the best results.
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We do not depend on radio or TV advertisements, or pay celebrities for endorsements; instead, we have always depended on recommendations from satisfied patients. This allows us to devote our resources to purchasing the latest technology and maintaining it at the highest levels of performance, and to rigorous staff training and education. We offer two different types of lasers so that we can tailor the surgery to best meet the needs of each patient. Every patient who comes to our office for an evaluation agrees that our experience, concern for your well-being, and the difference in level of care is clear. You only have one set of eyes and your vision and quality of life are our greatest concerns.
As an active equestrian show jumper sharp clear vision are very important to me and now I am finally free of glasses and contacts. Take the"Leap of Faith", and your life will be enhanced!

- Dr. Lawrence Forgacs

Thank you for giving me a"new lease on life." It has been over 6 months since I have had the LASIK procedure and I can honestly say that it was THE BEST DECISION I have ever made! It has made my life so much easier, especially with the active life a U.S. Marine Officer must lead. I am truly grateful that I do not have to rely on glasses or contacts anymore.

- Sean

I feel as if I am dreaming, however, the images are far too clear for this to be a dream! Good-bye glasses, contact lenses, cases, enzyme tablets, solution, re-wetting drops, etc., etc.... Hello 20/20 clarity, comfort and freedom!


In my work as an audio engineer for television, my old glasses were a constant problem. Changing my focus from the equipment in front of me to the monitor wall was a constant battle to keep my glasses clean and in place. My vision before Lasik was in the neighborhood of 20/600. I never felt closer to Coke bottles than I did with my glasses. Now, after Dr. Speaker worked his Lasik magic, I am 20/20 after a year and a half, no regression whatsoever. It has literally opened my eyes to a new world of perfect vision.

-George Ryan

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